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About this Brand

Thank you for choosing Sivad Beauty

Sivad Beauty is US based company, selling online directly to the individual consumer, therefore having no middlemen. Our prices are always competitive and for a diverse consumer base. Our intention has always been to provide quality made products that are less harmful to your lips, hair, and skin.

Sivad Beauty is black owned and operated by C. L. Davis aka Poetry.  Poetry holds a degree in accounting and international finance, served in the USMC, and a single parent. Although a lover of finace, this company falls in line with her creative desire thus the reason she puts her heart and soul into the products she makes. Each product is hand crafted and poured, hand labeled, packaged and sent to you with love.

The ingredients used in every product have been thoroughly researched for their benefits and ability to help you restore your lips, hair, and skin to a healthier state. The ingredients selected are most often food-grade, therapeutic grade, natural, sustainable, and carry vital nutrients. Not only do they look and feel amazing, they are honest and pure, free of fillers, may contain no preservative (products containing no water) to a low amount of preservative (=<1% for water-based products, which includes aloe or witch hazel), but which the preservative used is naturally derived and releases no formaldehydes or parabens, and each product is personally formulated and mix with a safe concentration of each beneficial ingredients.

Meet The Team

Poetry Davis owner Sivad Beauty_edited.j

"Poetry" Davis
Founder & Proprietor

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I struggle with finding products that don't dry out or agitate my skin, so I created my own and here we are. 

wearing: Supernova Lip Gloss


K. "Kiwii" Davis
Administrative Lead

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I love wearing makeup but I also love when I'm naturally me!

wearing: Hot Chocolate Lip Gloss


Wanda D.
Promo Team

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60+, Black and beautiful. Who says beauty fades? Not over here, especially when you have good skin care. 

wearing: Majesty Lip Gloss

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