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Frequently Asked Questions

last updated 12/17/2023

What are the processing, shipping rates & timeframes?


Processing Your Order:

Processing timeframe on orders is 7-21 days from date of successful payment as most of our natural products are produced on a made to order basis. We begin making your product within 48 hours of your order being placed and may take up to 3-5 depending on stages of the production process. Most items are made to order to ensure fresh quality products leaving our store. After your order has been made; your account will reflect fulfilled, which can be seen from our Members area. Next, it will then go through our quality check which takes 3-7 days. Once passed, we begin our packaging and shipping process. You will receive a tracking number via email before shipping  See below for dates of shipping. If you are not a member, you can sign up here



Why Isn't Your Shipping Free Like Everyone Else

Shipping is never free. The company offering free shipping is being billed for your freight, and you are paying for that freight within the prices of your products. Not very transparent, and not in your best interest. At Sivad Beauty, we like to keep things simple and transparent: we offer the lowest prices possible for all our products, and you pay actual shipping rates using our heavily discounted program that we contract annually with our shipping partners. Nothing is hidden.


Who Do You Ship Through & When

We currently use the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the United Parcel Service (UPS) for all our shipping at this time. Orders normally ship weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays; some exceptions may apply.


For the United States & territories: We charge a flat rate shipping (under 1 pound of weight) $4.99 and a flat rate shipping for all packages over 1 pound is $9.99 to the USA also including Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, & US Territories. Free shipping on orders over $50.

Do You Ship Internationally 

Yes, we do. Outside of the United States:  International shipping rates are based on weight & country of destination and are reflected at checkout. We use the United States Postal Service to ship. We are not responsible for custom charges or import taxes which you may be subjected to pay upon receipt. Rates are subject to change. Unfortunately, no free shipping at this time.


Shipping Timeframes

Sundays, Holidays, and closed business days are excluded from shipping timeframes. Please allow 7-10 days from shipping confirmation email as explained above for first class mail, 3-5 days for priority mail, and up to 30 days for outside of the United States. The Christmas season may slow down these shipping timeframes. 

We have no control over when the post office or UPS scans the package in as accepted in most cases. Please consider your processing timeframe along with shipping before inquiring about missing items.


Please check here for any post office delays or suspensions in mailing within the United States due to Covid/other service delays here.


Please check here for any post office delays or suspensions in mailing to several destinations outside of the United States due to Covid/other service delays here.

I Never Received My Order:

If you don't receive your order, check your tracking number to make sure it was delivered. The email confirmation will state what delivery service was used to ship your order. From your email you can simply click on the tracking number and it will take you to the appropriate website to search. 

It Shows Delivered:

Check with the delivery service and inquire about the status of the package. The post office has the ability to GPS track where the package may have been delivered. If they show it was delivered to your address, then there is no further action to be taken by Sivad Beauty. We do not replace orders that show it was delivered properly. 


If it has been misdelivered, the delivery service is responsible for retrieving the package and getting it to you. If they are unable to retrieve it, then a claim can be filed as all packages are insured. You can file a claim for the cost of your product via the delivery service website. USPS claims or UPS  If you believe it may have been stolen, you will need to contact your local police department. Sivad Beauty is not responsible for replacing those items without full payment for a new order along with shipping cost being submitted. For added safety, we will ship the new order with a signature being required for delivery which is an additional $3.80. 

It Shows Not Delivered or it was misdelivered due to us printing the wrong shipping address on the label. 


If it shows not delivered. We will require written proof from you that the item was not received. We will file the claim with the delivery service to recoup cost of goods sold and postage for shipping. In turn, we will ship another order at no cost to you. For misdeliveries due to our error on the shipping label, we will ship a new order to you at no cost to you. We keep copies of all shipping labels on file for 2 years. 

Local delivery:

is available in the Orlando area and some surrounding cities. Local delivery rate is $2.99. Your zip code will automatically generate this as an option if you are within the delivery zones. Please provide any gate codes as part of your address if applicable. Local delivery dates are within 1-5 business days after order fulfillment after 5pm. We will send out a delivery notice by email.


Please indicate the best timeframe so someone can be at home. It is not required but is the best way to protect your products from being destroyed by heat. Any products left in heat due to inability to deliver to an actual person will not be refunded, see return policy below. Delivery person will be practicing Covid PPE measures for safety regardless of mandate. Driver carries no cash.  

Current Sivad Beauty unavailability:

We do not operate on federal or state (Florida) holidays, Juneteenth, the first week of each of these months: January, May, or June. However orders can still be placed online. 

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, no returns or exchanges* on any orders, due to sanitary purposes.

*Problems with order: Despite the no return policy, if you have any concerns with your order please contact us. For items received in damaged condition please take pictures of the packaging and product in the event they are requested. Upon review, an exchange maybe eligible for damaged products only. 

What are our products made of?

Please click here for a full list of ingredients we may use. Be mindful of all expiration dates and storage requirements.


Allergy Concerns

Please consult with your physician for any allergy concerns. For better service we try to document our records with your allergy concerns to ensure future products you order do not contain any ingredient which maybe harmful to you. However, we may not always contact you as a reminder.


We aim to keep all our product ingredients visible to each customer. If you have questions about whether an ingredient can be substituted please email us to see if we can accommodate as most orders are made to order. If you have already been notified a substitute can be made for that item, please add allergy substitution to the note section when you place your order. We will not assume this product is for you and do automatic substitutions as it maybe a gift for someone else without the allergy concerns.

All products are made in the USA by Sivad Beauty. Not tested on animals. All rights reserved. 

What are the payment options?

We accept all forms of major credit/debit card payments, payments made through PayPal, contactless payment with QR code, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Point of Sale (face to face payments) using Square. Please limit cash transactions. Please make sure you select the correct currency available during checkout. If your country's currency is not shown you must use US dollar ($) or the payment may be rejected.

Buy now, pay later option is available only through Paypal at this time, giving you the option to split your payments into four equal payments. 

Sanitary Guidelines

Sivad Beauty practices habits to ensure our products are free from bacteria, mold, and other viruses. We do not fill orders if one of our team members is ill. Please check forum for updates. We sanitize all containers prior to using with an EPA approved product normally used in restaurants. We clean our work area with this product, Lysol or Clorox wipes, wash & thoroughly clean our hands, wear gloves, mask, and hair coverings.


Prior to shipping we sanitize the exterior of the tubes once again with a UV sanitation light. This light does not effect or contaminate the product inside the tubing. All jars unable to be sanitized with the UV light are sanitized on the exterior with Lysol or Clorox wipes before shipping. 

Allergy Concerns
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