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We've Got You Covered: How to Best Use a Face Mask

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face

The first step in using a face mask made for your skin type is by starting and ending your day with a good cleanser (not soap) to effectively remove impurities and excess oil, leaving skin deeply cleansed and refreshed. Work up a good lather and gently cleanse by massaging the lather into your skin from the bottom of your face to the top, and from the center outwards. Rinse with lukewarm water (not hot!) to keep the pores open. You can also wrap your face with a lukewarm towel for five minutes before moving to next step.

In addition to a lathery cleanser, you can also try oil cleansing, using pure oils. For many people, “cleansing” brings to mind foamy lather. Oil cleansing can include products that lather, but it often simply involves pure oils, rinsed away with a damp washcloth. Using oils instead of traditional soap or detergent cleansers can also help protect the natural lipid layer of the skin and the “good” bacteria that live there.

Step 2: Apply a Face Mask

Apply the Sivad Beauty facial mask for your skin type following instructions for the mask you’re using. Apply to your face and neck. For clay mask do not allow to fully dry as mask may irritate skin. For Jelly Mask, let dry completely or wear overnight. When rinsing off mask use lukewarm water, towel blot, not rub, we want to maintain some moisture on the skin, and then rinse again with cold water, blotting again

Step 3: Apply Toner With Cotton Pad

Follow up your cleanser, apply using a cotton pad, and sweep this toner from the center of your face outward. Don’t forget your jaw-line and don't forget your neck! This effectively prepares your face to receive the full benefits of your moisturizer.

Step 4: Moisturize After Face Mask

Don’t skip our important last step in using your face mask! Even though your skin feels deeply moisturized after your hydrating face mask, you can help the benefits last even longer by locking in

the hydration with a rich face cream, especially if you are applying your mask before bed. Follow your mask treatment with a heavy cream for night and a cream with SPF for daytime wear. Take a pearl-sized amount and dot it evenly on your face. Starting from the center outward, spread the cream gently on your entire face and neck.

Step 5: (Optional) At night, follow moisturizer with a face serum or oil. This will help seal the moisturizer allowing it to have longer lasting effects. Don't forget your neck!


Why do I keep mentioning your neck? Your neck skin is significantly thinner and doesn’t produce as much collagen. The skin on your neck and chest are very sensitive to the sun and other environmental changes. The result is that your neck wrinkles a lot faster causing it to look as if it has aged faster.

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